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Movie Night in April

It has been a while since we have a Movie Night. Excited to announce we will be bringing it back this month the Sunday after Laundry Love Santa Ana. Right over by Main Place mall. See the Facebook invite for details.

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Four great ways to celebrate the holidays in Santa Ana

Laundry Love Santa Ana Christmas Party December 15th 7-10pm 406 East Santa Ana Blvd get involved     SCS Christmas Event December 17th details to be announced here   511 Posada December 10th 5-9pm 1st Stop 414 West Chestnut Ave 2nd Stop 715 South Ross Ave email Claudia to get involved   Downtown Inc Posadas December 3rd […]

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The future of 511

This Sunday night will be our last night at Gypsy Den. A huge thanks to the Gypsy Den for being so awesome in letting us gather there weekly for the last year. At times our gatherings got quite loud and disruptive and didn’t make them much money and yet they were always incredibly gracious hosts. […]

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Posada 2011

More details to follow but we will be throwing a “Posada” on the evening of December 10th.  We will have piñatas and a variety of traditional Mexican dishes at several homes in the community that are walking distance from each other. We will need lots of help to pull it off.  If you or your company or non profit would like […]

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Two important updates!

I know it has been quiet around these parts lately. I apologize for that. Lots of exciting things going on that I cannot wait to share. The “day job” has been keeping me pretty busy. That said, there are two things I wanted to share with you all:

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How can I possibly make a difference?

I get that question a lot. There are literally hundreds of ways I can answer it from specific ideas to more esoteric and philosophical responses. But since its on my mind as my kids are going through quart after quart of juice the last week and I am going through a case of soda a […]

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How do you handle failure?

We’ve been working through a series of big questions lately in our community meetups on Sunday nights at the Gypsy Den. It is always amazing to to learn the stories of our community. Here are the notes on our discussion regarding failure.   What is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made? Most epic failure, etc? […]

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How do I deal with all this stress?!?!

Great week at 511COMMUNITY. We met at the Gypsy Den and talked about stress. Here’s the highlights What causes you stress? lack of sleep bad health moving work busy too much going on whining conflict lack of control How does stress impact you? Your life? Your relationships? makes me tired confused reassess values lowers the […]

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May Movie Night Tonight!

Join us tonight (May 22nd) for Movie Night! We will do one each month on the Sunday following Laundry Love Santa Ana. Feel free to bring your favorite food and drinks to share. Look forward to seeing you at Ben and Phil’s 715 South Ross. 7pm

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Free Dental Work

Community “Free” Dental Day for Adults Saturday, May 21, 2011 from 8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. – The Clinic will see the first 75 – 100 adults in line. Patients must be 18 years and older – bring a valid ID. Patients are seen for free on a walk-in basis.  Patients to form a line […]

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