Dreams and Goals — Intro

511 is different.

Its different from what it once was, but its also different than anything else out there.

The diversity, the commitment and the passion found in this small community continually blows my mind and is unrivaled in any context I have have ever found myself in.

Over the next several weeks I want to hear from everyone about personal dreams and goals as well as dreams and goals for this community.

Last night, we got together at the Gypsy Den to start this conversation.  I hope we can continue it weekly for the next month as well as seek input from you all here.

I will be summarizing our Week One Discussion in the next few days here…


About Scott Overpeck

Scott Overpeck is a creative leader with a heart for contextualizing movements of justice, advocacy and compassion to his surroundings. He is the founder of Intersection Creative Strategies, a consultancy advising social enterprises and non profits on communications as it relates to marketing, fund raising and commerce. Additionally he sits on the board of Renewing Hearts; helped found Laundry Love Santa Ana; and leads 511, a small creative community in Santa Ana. Scott lives in Orange County, California with his wife and two sons. He enjoys tacos, unicorns and American Idol.

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  1. soverpeck | September 13, 2010 at 5:46 pm #

    Dreams and Goals — Intro — http://511sa.com/beta/dreams-and-goals-i


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