Dreams and Goals — Week Two

A couple of weeks ago we launched a new series of conversations centered around dreams and goals.  Last week we had an incredible time centered around the difference between a dream and a goal and what our goals for 511 are.  This week the conversation took a look at what is involved in meeting a goal.

What is involved in meeting goals?

Study others successes.  Learn from every experience.

Persistence, study, research.  Learning from different disciplines.

Seeking wise counsel.  Prayer.  Perseverance.  Collaboration.

Dedication, sacrifice, prioritization, perseverance.

A “nothing will stop me” attitude.

Talking with others about the goal.  Prayer.  Seeking wise counsel.

One interesting point one person brought up is that on many of the biggest successes they have had, they came not from a plan or goal, but rather from a “ready, fire, aim” approach.  They created momentum first, then built structure around it.

  • This still involves the “ready” part.  While the action plan may not be clearly defined, the preparation (be it study, research, training, etc.) is important for this to work.
  • It was brought up that often times this is how God works.  Prepares you through seemingly random events in life so that when the “fire” event occurs, you have already gone through the “ready” part and are prepared for the “aim” portion.

Obviously there are some major recurring themes here.  Sacrifice, pain, perseverance, persistence, dedication, etc.  It sounds like meeting goals is really hard.

Is it worth it?  Why?

It’s worth it when someone is touched by the results.

The tough road makes you appreciate it more when you get there.

Hitting the goal brings you that much closer to the ultimate vision or dream.

Life will always have suffering.  It is better to suffer for a greater purpose.

Usually, meeting the goal leaves you in a better place than you were before.

Sometimes, we set the wrong goals.  When we accomplish them, it feels like a let down.  We need to put a lot of thought into our goals and make sure that they are inline with the ultimate vision.

So what about you?  What goals have you met?  How did you do it?  Was it worth it?


About Scott Overpeck

Scott Overpeck is a creative leader with a heart for contextualizing movements of justice, advocacy and compassion to his surroundings. He is the founder of Intersection Creative Strategies, a consultancy advising social enterprises and non profits on communications as it relates to marketing, fund raising and commerce. Additionally he sits on the board of Renewing Hearts; helped found Laundry Love Santa Ana; and leads 511, a small creative community in Santa Ana. Scott lives in Orange County, California with his wife and two sons. He enjoys tacos, unicorns and American Idol.

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      @soverpeck I blog about them and makes be accountable to the masses or one :) aka http://payanx.com

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        @PayanX wise words friend. Tnx.