Frequently Asked Questions

What is 511?

511 is a group of community initiatives that group together to share resources. We are linked through similar vision of bringing diverse groups together within the city of Santa Ana. 511 is essentially an incubator or fiscal sponsor for small initiatives that would struggle under the weight of the admin required to run an official charity but are doing great work on a small scale in the city of Santa Ana that is both cause oriented and creative. If you have a dream of making a difference in Santa Ana, contact us.

Is 511 a church?


Do you rent your building?

We do not currently have a building. We have no idea who currently uses our old building.

Is 511 “christian”?

Many of our volunteers come from a Christian tradition. That said we are organized as a non religious not for profit organization.

Is 511 a Newsong program?

No. Newsong paid for the lease on the building we use to be in. Despite press reports to the contrary, Newsong never owned “511” or any building associated with it. They leased a building and opened it up for community use. Our first year, a Newsong affiliated non profit acted as our fiscal sponsor. They continue to provide volunteers for our Laundry Love Santa Ana initiative and have provided some monetary support over the years. They do not control or speak for us, nor do we have any say in their actions or statements. Some participants in our programs attend the church, which has led to much of the confusion.

Is 511 trying to “take over artwalk”?

No. Our stated mission has always been to fuse creativity and cause. In as much as any of our initiatives can help with that, we are excited, but we have no intention of supplanting our friends in the Village.

Does 511 proselytize?

No. Saint City Sessions does several events that employ “Open Mic’s” which sometimes do have people who share their religious beliefs, but they always speak for themselves, not 511. Many of our events have volunteers whom may or may not come from a faith tradition that encourages sharing but we always want our role to be one of giving a platform for creativity and cause in Santa Ana.

Does 511 dislike gays, drunks or anyone else?

ABSOLUTELY no. We are legally bound to be anti discriminatory and a political as a non profit, and we are morally opposed to all private infringement on free speech. We value and aim to provide platforms for artistic expression specifically related to cause and creativity. If people at our events ever give this impression we sincerely apologize. We extend free speech to all and sometimes that free speech is contrary to our values. We always stand side by side with the oppressed, with the minority, with the forgotten, with the disenfranchised. Much of 511’s mission is inspired by our work with homeless and at risk people at Laundry Love Santa Ana, where we frequently hear stories of kids thrown out of their house for their sexual orientation, jobs lost due to alcohol addiction, etc. We want to support and care for those in need and provide platforms for those whose voice has gone unheard, regardless of where they are at in life.