How do you handle failure?

We’ve been working through a series of big questions lately in our community meetups on Sunday nights at the Gypsy Den. It is always amazing to to learn the stories of our community. Here are the notes on our discussion regarding failure.


What is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made? Most epic failure, etc?

-turning Oprah down for a job offer

-getting over involved in an organization with poor leadership

-bad decisions at the beginning of a relationship

-punched my father


What happened afterwards?

-Oprah went on to be pretty successful, what ifs?, regrets, done a lot of things that are really exciting, did things i couldn’t have done had I taken the position

-an understanding of hero worship and its detriments, forced maturity

-friends helped point out the unhealthy aspects of the relationship, developed a healthy relationship

-brought about lots of questions


What did you learn from it?

-never tell Oprah no

-i can be a success without a fat paycheck

-I wouldn’t be who I am today without it…

-caused me to rethink a lot of who I am

-importance of community

-importance of good role models / mentors

-capable of things I did not expect


How do some people bounce back from their mistakes and others seem paralyzed?


-dwelling on the negative gives it too much power

-ego, internalizing mistakes

-inability to recognize failure


There is so much to learn from people from all walks of life and backgrounds. Join us Sunday’s at 7pm at the Gypsy Den (except for the Sunday following Laundry Love Santa Ana, when we have Community Movie Night on Ross).


About Scott Overpeck

Scott Overpeck is a creative leader with a heart for contextualizing movements of justice, advocacy and compassion to his surroundings. He is the founder of Intersection Creative Strategies, a consultancy advising social enterprises and non profits on communications as it relates to marketing, fund raising and commerce. Additionally he sits on the board of Renewing Hearts; helped found Laundry Love Santa Ana; and leads 511, a small creative community in Santa Ana. Scott lives in Orange County, California with his wife and two sons. He enjoys tacos, unicorns and American Idol.
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