Opportunities to connect in Santa Ana and beyond…

Serving Santa AnaWe had such an amazing time last Sunday night at the Gypsy Den in Santa Ana.  We talked about what each of us have been working on, what’s going on in the areas in which we are involved and what kind of immediate needs we have.  As two main objectives here at 511 is to help resource those creatively serving the community and give folks who are not yet connected an entry point to get involved I thought it would be best to share this with you all and see what you can come up with.

If anyone has interest in any of these areas feel free to comment below or email info at 511sa dot com

Kid Works

They always need volunteers.  Tons of opportunities to connect with kids and their families.  Nearly any skill set can be put to good use.  Several in our community are involved there and I would be happy to get you in touch.  One thing they mentioned is trouble closing the deal, so to speak. As it is a well known organization lots of people seem interested in getting involved but moving from talk to action seems to be a challenge.  If you have ideas as to how to help them with this that would be appreciated as well!

Micah’s Way Fundraiser

One of my good friends is currently experiencing homelessness. In his time on the streets he has grown to admire and respect Micah’s Way. While he may not be in a position to give back in a monetary sense, he saw fit to use his talents and abilities, as well as his background as an Emmy nominated lighting designer, and put together a show. Due to several setbacks the show has had to be put on hold indefinitely and this has been hard on all of us as it is truly an inspiring story all around.

Currently, they have a venue, volunteers to run nearly every aspect of the show and a pretty darn great script, but simply lack a cast. Without singer’s who can carry a tune the show will not be able to proceed, a tragedy for both my friend, who has poured so much of himself into this show, and for Micah’s Way who provide such much hope and support to those currently living in the Civic Center.  Please consider auditioning for the show and letting those who may be interested know.  More details available by emailing info at 511sa dot com

Saint City Sessions

Since losing our building all of our initiatives have had to be very creative.  Laundry Love Santa Ana meets in a parking lot and stores their supplies in my home office.  The Sunday Night gatherings settled in at the Gypsy Den. But none have had such an interesting journey as SCS. They have met in houses, churches and even at a yogurt store. Recently, a new space became available to them that is ideal in every sense. They have been doing very well and are in need of 10 or so fold up chairs so that they can continue their great work with the youth of Santa Ana.

Additionally, they are starting to hold hip hop dance classes on the weekends. All proceed go towards keeping the Sessions cost free. If you or anyone you know would be interested in learning from a b boy with 20+ years experience connect with them by emailing info at 511sa dot com

Laundry Love Santa Ana

Laundry Love Santa Ana started with a 3 fold purpose.

  1. Help meet peoples immediate needs by providing clean laundry
  2. Connect with people on a deeper relational level; see friends form
  3. Connect people with services from existing organizations

As one of the leaders of the team that established that vision, I am happy to say the numbers one and two happen on a consistent and inspiring basis, entirely due to the amazing efforts of our tireless volunteer team. Everyone who comes out, no matter their background or affiliation, absolutely delivers the goods and genuinely care for their friends at Laundry Love Santa Ana. I have made very little headway in gaining local organizations buy in with regards to number three. The team hopes to change this in 2011. If you are a part of any organizations, please consider sending out your outreach, intake or client service teams to connect with potential clients from Civic Center and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Additionally, Laundry Love Santa Ana has a couple basic supply needs. Large plastic tubs of powdered detergent (the kind you’d pick up from Costco or Sam’s Club) and quarters (as in, please bring quarters to the events). For more information please contact info at laundrylovesantaana dot com

Odds and Ends

Still feel like their is nothing for you? Thats ok. We have several amazing partners here in Santa Ana and throughout the world. If you want to get involved in anyway please reach out. I would love to help you connect your talents and passions with a community in need. We have seen florists teach floral workshops, designers help design, admins help with administration and bakers bake (go figure!).

Even if your passion is shopping for expensive clothes, you have a place here (I can connect you with a great organization that helps connect job seekers with wardrobes for job interviews and employment). We are all unique and can bring something to the table. Let me know what you love and I will help you strategize how to connect that to the community! Email me info at 511sa dot com


About Scott Overpeck

Scott Overpeck is a creative leader with a heart for contextualizing movements of justice, advocacy and compassion to his surroundings. He is the founder of Intersection Creative Strategies, a consultancy advising social enterprises and non profits on communications as it relates to marketing, fund raising and commerce. Additionally he sits on the board of Renewing Hearts; helped found Laundry Love Santa Ana; and leads 511, a small creative community in Santa Ana. Scott lives in Orange County, California with his wife and two sons. He enjoys tacos, unicorns and American Idol.

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