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May Movie Night Tonight!

Join us tonight (May 22nd) for Movie Night! We will do one each month on the Sunday following Laundry Love Santa Ana. Feel free to bring your favorite food and drinks to share. Look forward to seeing you at Ben and Phil’s 715 South Ross. 7pm

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What is great art?

It has been said, that the best art comes from a place of pain. I believe this is true. Lately though, I have been broadening my view of just what constitutes art and how to best be inspired. In the midst of the pain of the abuse, drugs, violence, gangs, and a lack of positive models […]

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511 Progressive Posada

The details are in!  Join us on December 18th at 5p for a great time celebrating the holidays with our neighbors.  If you’d like to contribute to the event please contact Josh and Claudia (claudia.josh at yahoo dot com) as they are coordinating the event. 1st Stop 715 South Orange for Coffee and Cocoa 2nd […]

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Creativity and failure

Sunday night we had a great but challenging discussion.  Here are some notes on the night.  For the purposes of this discussion, creativity refers to the ability to find solutions to problems, generate ideas, etc. not necessarily art, though that certainly requires creativity as well. Italicized text comes from the discussion… Creativity and Failure An […]

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A vision for the future

Check out the About 511 page as its been updated to reflect our discussions from the past month.  If anyone has any thoughts, concerns or suggestions feel free to email info@511sa.com It has been a spectacular time to dialogue and focus in on who we are as a community.  If you haven’t been a part […]

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511 Vision — the starting point

Based on our conversations the last several weeks I put together the following vision.  We started dissecting it together and making notes for revision, but I wanted to also post it up here so anyone who was not there but wants to provide some feedback has an opportunity.  I will post notes from the discussion […]

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Dreams and Goals Week 4

Note: This discussion never took place, as we shifted to talk about the 511 vision.  That said, I did want to provide my notes that we were going to talk about to wrap up the series. Some strategies for reaching goals adapted from Scott Belsky and incorporating some ideas from our talks over the last […]

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