Vi is taking shape

Vi really is shaping up to be an incredible event.

Artists are coming out from Santa Ana, from surrounding communities.  From galleries and from the streets.

Mediums include water color, acrylic, screen print, music, photography and many others.

This is our first such event and we hope many more will follow.  Come out on Saturday and we are sure you will be in for a treat.


About Scott Overpeck

Scott Overpeck is a creative leader with a heart for contextualizing movements of justice, advocacy and compassion to his surroundings. He is the founder of Intersection Creative Strategies, a consultancy advising social enterprises and non profits on communications as it relates to marketing, fund raising and commerce. Additionally he sits on the board of Renewing Hearts; helped found Laundry Love Santa Ana; and leads 511, a small creative community in Santa Ana. Scott lives in Orange County, California with his wife and two sons. He enjoys tacos, unicorns and American Idol.
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